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Mussary Mitzvah





We are coming up on 9 years since our auntie Dawn passed away from colon cancer. We decided that in memory of her, we wanted to find something our family could take part in. While looking online, we discovered the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation. For the past seven years, we have made an annual trip to New York to take part in this walk. Each year it has grown larger. People from all over the country travel to participate in this event. As a family, we walk as Dawn's Team.

This coming November, we will be celebrating our b'not mitzvah. To us, approaching this milestone means making a difference in our community. As our mitzvah project, we have chosen to organize a memorial walk and fundraiser to raise money for colon cancer prevention. The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation has made it possible for us to take the next step beyond our annual walk, and help us raise money as part of our mitzvah project. This October, we will be holding a local walk in the park in memory of our auntie Dawn.

Thank you to everyone who took the the time to visit this website and read about how much this project means to us. We hope to meet and exceed our goal. If you would like to make a gift please click on the Blue Donate button to the right.  Your help and support is greatly appreciated. 

And, don't forget to look through our photo album at the bottom of the page! 



Molly and Haley


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2005- Our first year doing the challenge. Molly was 5, and Haley
was 4. We took turns pushing each other in a stroller when we got tired.

2005 Mussary and Lori

2006- Were famous! Made it in the Daily News! Hope they think of
ordering kids size T-shirts next year.

Press Mussary

2006- Family photo.

2006 Mussary

2007- Don't let the sun fool you. The Floridians needed their
puffy winter coats. It was freezing!

2007 Mussary

2008- Molly was 8, and Haley was 7. Climbed up on the ice for this
picture! No more strollers!

2008 Mussary

2009- Were back again! Becoming one of our annual family

2009 Mussary

2010- Team Dawn's back again! 

2009 Mussary

2011- Finally good weather for a walk!

2011 Mussary

2012- Our memorial walk will take place in sunny, warm South
Florida. Hope it doesn't rain!


We hope you enjoyed our family album!