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Me and Dad

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Colorectal Cancer!

A snail walks into a car dealership one day and buys himself a fast sports car. Before he leaves, he asks the salesman to paint a big ‘S’ on either side. Confused, the dealer says to him, “Why a big ‘S’?”  Grinning, the snail replies, “Because when I drive by, I want people to say ‘look at that S-car-go!’”

John Morrish (or more affectionately known as ‘my dad’) loved that s-car-go joke.  In fact, he was the king of corny jokes and silly pranks. Whether it was pretending to be a dog - barking at people from a clever hiding place, or showing up for a work wearing a clown nose, his energetic and playful nature always managed to light up the room, no matter who he had for an audience. It’s been 22 years since he lost the fight to colon cancer, but his character and spirit live on today. 

It is in my father’s honor that Team S-Car-Go and I will be running in the Colon Cancer Challenge on March 23rd.  Please help us support this cause by sponsoring our team today.  With your contribution we will help raise awareness of colorectal cancer, and spread the word that this disease is preventable, treatable and beatable with early screening.  

John was only 41 when he was diagnosed. At the time, there wasn’t much research around colorectal cancer, and eventually he lost his five-year battle with the disease.  While the medical community has come such a long way since then, there is still so much more that we can do today!

Please support Team S-Car-Go by participating in any way you can – be it through joining the effort or donating to the cause. Every little bit helps!

*Please note, you can make a donation at any time, but the deadline to register for the race is this Friday, March 14!

Top 5 reasons why you should support this cause:

1.  Colorectal cancer is the third most diagnosed cancer and the third leading cause of cancer death. That's reason enough!
2.  You like (to save) big butts, and you cannot lie.
3.  If you join me for the challenge, you'll get a laugh at how red my face turns when I run (I seriously suck at running. I have absolutely no breath control).
4.  You'll be saving lives, even from the comfort of your bed. (Bonus: For those of you that may be hungover come Sunday morning, you'll still feel like you have a purpose in life. #yourewelcome)
5.  You're just a really awesome person who likes to contribute towards good causes.


About the foundation

The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation (CCCF) has been working since 2003 to fund screening progams for the uninsured, and provide much needed funds to young investigators who are committed to finding a cure for colorectal cancer. 

This year their goal is to raise $1 Million dollars.  $1 Million dollars will allow CCCF to greatly enhance and expand it's awareness programs focused on encouraging the public to Get the Facts, Talk to their Family and Doctor about their medical history and risk factors, and Get Screened!  All in an effort to spread the word that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable with prevention and screening.

Please consider joining our national movement by support our common goal of ending colorectal cancer forever with a tax-deductible donation or a page of your own. 

Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation

10 New King Street, Suite 202

White Plains, NY 10604

(Tel) 914.305.6674

(Fax) 914.305.6675

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