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2017 New York Colon Cancer Challenge

Bery Colon Cancer Helpers - BCCH

 This is  the 14th year Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation (CCCF). it is back in Manhattan @ Randall's Island on Apri 2nd.

Bery Colon Cancers Helper (BCCH) is taking it's part in 9th CCCF challenge.

a) We would appreciate your continued support. BCCH continuing it's tradition will be matching 10% of the donation. So donate more and make us pay more. We are starting with a BCCH 10% $1,200  donation -- so our target for this year is a combined $13,200. Please donate at the link on the RHS.

b) Randall's island is a beautiful location in Manhattan. We would be highly honored if you would consider joining us. Please see the link RHS or contact Sanjay. There is a 5k race and a walk. We will be driving from the Hills in Basking Ridge and could give you a ride.

A message for all this who are above 50, please consider getting a Colonoscopy. Colon Cancer is one of the few cancers that is preventable.

Thanks again for all your support and friendship to us in this 9 year journey.



BCCH (Sanjay, Seema, Sanya and Soven Bery)

Sanjay Bery 917-750-7480  //

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