2015 Colon Cancer Challenge
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$500,000Ultimate 2016 Goal
$266,087 Raised So Far

2016 Colon Cancer Challenge


Fundraising Tool Kit


The funds collected through YOUR fundraising efforts allow us to build public awareness of colorectal cancer (CRC) including hereditary colorectal cancer and the importance of timely screening and prvention.  These funds all allow us to  help sponsor prevention programs in New York City including colonoscopy screening efforts for the uninsured.  This year thousands will participate in Colon Cancer Challenge events across the United States and at our signature event at Citi Field in Flushing Meadows, New York in support of our Mission of A World Without Colorectal Cancer (TM). 

Colon Cancer Challenge "Partnership" agreements raise funds to directly support colorectal cancer research at participating insitutions.  This program has allowed the Foundation to support awards to young investigators presenting at the Society of Surgical Oncology (http://surgonc.org), Collaborative Group of the Americas for the Study of Inherited Colorectal Cancer (http://cgaicc.com) and the Human Variome Project (http://humanvariome.org). 

We don't expect you to be an expert at fundraising.  Your passion and dedication to raising awareness of CRC in your community and the knowledge that you are not asking for yourself, but for the thousands of families across the country who are battling CRC will help you reach your fundraising goal.  It can seem overwhelming at first, but remember it is really easy and we are here to help! 


  • Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer
  • CRC is the third leading cause of cancer death 
  • 142,280 people were diagnosed with colorectal cancer
  • Nearly 50,380 people died of the disease here in the US
  • 386 people hear the words "You have colorectal cancer" every day   
  • 5 of our friends, family members, co-workers, classmates or neighbors die every hour
  • Incidence rates and death of those under 50 are increasing at an alarming rate despite a reduction of incidence and death among those age 50 and over


  • Start fundraising as soon as you are registered for to Take the Challenge!
  • Set up your personal fundraising page and set your fundraising goal.
  • Start your fundraising campaign with a donation - in most cases your registration fee goes directly to cover the costs of holding the event.  It is your fundraising dollars that will go directly to our public awareness, prevention, screening and research programs.
  • Let your friends, family, co-workers, classmates know that you are raising money for the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation by using social media and email campaigns.
  • Educate yourself on the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation, what we do and where the money goes. 
  • Give a testimonial of how CRC has affected you personally that people can relate to. 
  • Use your participant center to say THANK YOU each time someone takes the time to make a donation on your behalf.  You can even give them a TWEET or a POST through social media. 
  • Let people know your progress, how much you have made and when you are close to reaching your goal.


  • Talk to the people you spend the most time with.  Especially those who might have been affected by CRC.
  • Think about how many people are in your contact lists: phone, email, work contact list, service providers, think of ANYONE and EVERYONE who might support you and our mission of A World Without Colorectal Cancer (TM).
  • Remember your banker, nail technician, work out trainer, doctor, music, dance or karate teacher, business associates and of course your friends, family and co-workers. 


  • Use your participant center.  Once you are registered set up your personal fundraising page, set up your address book, import your contacts and easily mail your contacts with customizable template emails. 
  • Offer your supporters an easy way of supporting you through our website http://events.coloncancerchallenge.org
  • Ask your supporters to forward your email to their family and friends if they don't mind. 
  • Encourage everyone to give something - even $5.00.  Every dollar makes a difference! 


  • Our favorite from 2012 - a blue lemonade stand - we had several kids run very successful lemonade stands! 
  • Wear Blue Day - set up a day at the office for supporters to pay a certain amount and wear blue.
  • Blue Jug Day - ask your office if you can set up a blue jug, bucket, jar and collect everyone's change as they enter the building - we had several offices collect thousands of dollars!
  • Corporate matching - make sure you ask your employer if they have a matching gift program.  And encourage your donors to ask their employers.  You can easily double your donations simply by asking your human resources department for the matching gift form.
  • Ask your hairstylist, mechanic, trainer to hold a cut-a-thon, tune-a-thon, train-a-thon to support you!
  • Local restaurant benefit night - ask your favorite restaurant or hang-out to help you fundraiser at their establishment.  We have had many successful guest bartenders and chefs! 
  • Garage sale - do you know that your junk is someone else's treasure?  Use the opportunity to pass out information on colorectal cancer (CRC) - event blue bracelets, beads to raise awareness of CRC.   
  • Get a little wet - host a car wash - at work, at your place of worship, in your neighborhood.  Add baked goods and bottles of water (donated.)
  • Blue house - host a blue-themed dinner party invite your friends, family, neighbors.  Ask them each to contribute $50 and share what you know about CRC.
  • Movie Party - Host a movie party and for every time the word "walk" or "run" is said - everyone puts $1 in a blue bowl.  Serve pizza and blue lemonade!

The possibilities are endless!  Just remember to have fun and use the opportunity to raise awareness of CRC in your community and get others involved. 


  • As you are planning your event remember to check with your local government office for laws governing fundraising activities and/or events using public spaces. 
  • Before you post flyers or posters please check with the Property Manager first.